Vættir is Old Norse for ‘spirits’, and this term covered the full range of supernatural beings. For me, vættir are the projects that happen outside the spells of my jewelry and weaving— the 3D and extemporaneous pieces that call to me until I must answer. Please enjoy!

Cryptids I Have Known

I had this desire to 1) work with paper mache and 2) teach my kids what paper mache was. And I had this vision of 3D Cryptid Portraits, how a frame cannot contain their effect, and the eerieness of their visages and how they would prefer to be portrayed poking out from a wall. Further, I wanted to use mostly recycled materials – the frames come from thrift shops or giveaways, the paper from advertisement flyers I can’t get them to stop sending me in the mail.


There’s something about Embroidery that has always been appealing to me. I learned to crossstitch when I was very young, but only picked up embroidering after having kids. It’s something I still pursue. All of my embroidery is by hand as sewing machines often outwit me.

Costumes & Face Painting

I have been called the Costume Macguyver for my ability to come up with a costume just given a theme. But there also have been a fair number of costumes I have made for my children because I wanted to give them something specific to play with. I also enjoy facepainting.

Cake Decorating

There was a period where I decided that I was going to make amazing cakes. So I did. And then I became pretty burnt out by it. Maybe someday soon, I will pick it back up again.

Satchels, Bags, Purses, etc

Having the right bag for the job makes a huge difference in activities you are intending to do. So sometimes, you have to make it.

Reclaimed/Recycled Work

I have a deep need to make some sort of impact on the environment in my art if I can. So many art supplies only contribute to trash. So, I began to work with plastic bags. There’s still a lot I want to do with this medium, but these are the works I’ve done so far.