The Hoard

I produce numerous styles of adornment. You can find examples on each of the pages linked below.

The word Seiðr in Old Norse means magic, spells, and even more precisely in some places, divination and fortune-telling. All of my work could be called Seiðr, spinning/weaving magic. My art is made of layers, whether it is ink or wire or stamping or song.



  • Hoárr – Odinn’s Eye wire weaving bracelet with focal stones
  • Bifröst – wire woven rope bracelet
  • Draupnir – copper metal cuffs


  • Freki Geri – wire weaving/wrapping earrings with stones and minerals
  • Taufr – hand-stamped and fired earrings with stones and minerals
    • Zodiac series includes genuine birthstones.
  • Höll – earrings with stones and chains, including celestial series


  • Brynhildr – hand hammered copper shields, flame-painted for unique coloring
  • Vǫlundarhús – hammered spirals with stones and wire wrapping
  • Epli – all other pendants, including wire wrapping, hand-stamped, flame painted


  • Skjǫldr – pins, of various styles